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Our Farm

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​Welcome to Fore See Cattle Co. We are a family-ran cattle business located 7 miles NE of Vegreville, Alberta. We entered the commercial cattle business in 1995 with a small herd of 20 cows which has now grown into a herd of 180 head. We ventured into the purebred simmental business in 2010 and have since grown our purebred herd to 100 red and blacks. We take great pride in the simmentals we raise and are fortunate to consign our yearling bulls to the Bullfest Sale held in Camrose, Alberta on the first Friday of every March. We meticulously implement genetics in our herd that produce strong-footed, symmetrically uddered, and sound offspring with efficient rates of gain. We believe this is what Commercial Cattlemen look for when purchasing their next herd bull. Our purebred breeding program consists of the use of herd bulls from Maxwell Simmentals, Double Bar D farms, and Rancier Farms. Through the use of frozen genetics we have been able to diversify our calf crops with the use of semen and embryos from sires such as Captain Morgan, Capacity, The Riddler, Allegance, Super Charged, Profit, Century, Monument, Blue Chip, Cinderella Man and more! 


Our Program

Our purebred calves get weaned mid-September where they are initially fed a forage based diet to ease the weaning transition and to allow for moderate weight gain to ensure well structured feet and longevity. They are later started on a mixed ration diet consisting of barley silage, hay and a textured feed from Trouw Nutrition.  Once all cows and calves are home from pastures and are settled and weaned, we begin fall processing which consists of cows being vaccinated with Bova Shield Gold, Tazvac, Ivomec, and Scour Guard 4CK. Calves in the fall are vaccinated with Bova Shield One Shot, Ultrabac 7, and Ivomec. Our herd begins to calve in the beginning of January, which allows our yearling bulls to be of breeding age come sale time, the following March. At birth, all calves receive Vitamin A, Selenium, Enforce, and Once PMH. Our calving season wraps up by the end of March and before everyone gets sent off to grass in the early Summer months, the calves are given Bova Shield One Shot and Ultrabac 7. We winter feed our cows barley silage and feed a custom mineral from Trouw Nutrition to ensure our animals receive all required trace minerals.

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